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Avertising Information

Just like the banner you see at the top of this screen, you too can advertise on Online Auctions. Our advertisement service is very inexpensive, and all advertising activity appears in your auction account interface creating one very simple billing statement. We require that all banners be 468 by 60 in size, and meet all of our site usage Terms and Conditions.

Your account can contain multiple banners in rotation at Online Auctions. There is no set up charge, the banner campaign is run strictly on click throughs and cost $ 0.25 per click. No clicks - no charge. Also, your banner will only register one click per person per day. This prevents one person from clicking on your banner multiple times.

Full banner statistics can be found in the members area.

NOTE: You must have a positive balance of at least $10.00 in your account in order to begin a banner campaign on and maintain a positive balance in order to maintain the banner campaign. Once you account reaches $0.00 then your campaign will be deactivated until your account is replenished with funds.

There are currently 10 banners in rotation.

This is a new program, we reserve the right to change any or all part of this program at any time. We do not allow banners that are of sexual, pornographic or "adult" nature.

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