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Here what some of our Customers Say:

You know you get such few personal responses nowadays. I want you to know I appreciate it especially on a Saturday. I'm sure it will help your business as well.

I just want to let you, or you guys know, that I have looked at thousands of sites, and I think you have a really good Idea. Great Job, I posted this on my traffic Site, with thousands of credits. But I think this site will do excellent

GREAT SITE, Can use some cosmetics, but whos site can't, but like i said keep up the great job


I just wanted to let you know how nice the new site looks. I can actually
bare to use it now. Before I hated using it and it was not worth my time is
most cases. It had so many bugs and most people that won auctions never
paid. I hope with new ownership comes a new way of business and I look
forward to future business.

Good job.

All I can say is thanks. Zygit Networks is now making even
more due to It's very rare to see an
auction site that charges by final bid and takes PayPal
at the same time.Your service is one in a million. So,
thanks for having it.
Pete Ower
CEO/President Zygit Networks

I LOVE YOUR SITE... I'm buying tons of ads, and I featured your
site on a WEBMASTER conference call about 2 weeks ago... there were 20 of
us... they are all using you I think... I know 5 of them are, as I see them
bidding against me... man...

Anyway! Thanks again!


Comment: Great site! Nice new look, just wanted to drop a note
and tell you that your site is my favorite. I've been online for 6
years and never found a site I liked as much as yours.
Good luck to ya...

Hi John,

I have registered on your site yesterday and already started receiving bids,
so thanks.

George Tsverik



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