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Welcome to new user help desk.

First Things First...
You must register first before you are able to post or bid on an auction item. After you register you will receive in your email a confirmation and password to allow you access to the auction forum. is a venue that brings together the website owners and people that want to advertise on those websites.
All categories and auctions on webmasterbids are for online advertising and domain names only. For example, If you would like to purchase advertising space on a golfing web site then browse the Sports >> Golf categories.

There is never a fee for buyers. Once the auction is complete then you will contact the seller and arrange payment with him/her. Do not send webmasterbids money for an auction that you have won.

The password is randomly generated and very hard to remember. We suggest for your convenience to change your password to something easier to remember at the change registration form.

If you are adding images to your auction item please do not allow the original size of the image to be larger than 500 x 500 pixels, so that it will conform to the site standards. Coding the image is simple, all you have to do is input the web address of the image (url). This site does not upload images, you must have them at an existing url for the auction scripts to refer to.

No " " or other special characters

Grade the seller or buyer. Click the number to the right of the user name - [ Auctionuser (3) ] and make your comments be known in the feedback. This is a good way to keep a check and balance and to help keep our participants in good standing. If a user receive a negative feedback rating of five then their accounts will be cancelled. is wide open for suggestions. If you have any comments or questions please feel free to contact us. If you have any ideas that would help this site serve you better please let us know, if it is feasible we will try to accommodate your request.

More tips and general information can be found on the auction help faq. acts solely as a service to Sellers and Buyers, and is not a party to the transaction, and disclaims all warranties, express or implied, to all items listed for sale. Matters of fitness, quality, merchantability, suitability, payment, shipping, and insurance for the items listed are strictly between the High Bidder and the Seller. is not involved in the transaction except to provide a forum for the seller to list his/her item for auction and for Buyers to bid.

More disclaimer information found on our conditions page.


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