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Tips for Buyers
Buying advertising through WebMasterBids.comis a unique experience. This section gives you advice about how to best use as a buyer. If you're a seller, read Tips for Sellers. is a venue that brings together the website owners and people that want to advertise on those websites.
All categories and auctions on webmasterbids are for online advertising and domain names only. For example, If you would like to purchase advertising space on a golfing web site then browse the Sports >> Golf categories.

There is never a fee for buyers. Once the auction is complete then you will contact the seller and arrange payment with him/her. Do not send webmasterbids money for an auction that you have won.

Know The Item You Bid On
What you see is what you get on Therefore, if a description of an item is unclear, be sure to clarify the item description with the seller before you bid.

Protect From Fraud
Most of the items for sale on are offered by private individuals. As such, these sellers are unregulated which makes protecting yourself from fraud extremely important. Please check out sellers by reviewing their Feedback, BBSonline, and state and local consumer agencies to find more information about them or their company.

Remember, is only a venue and we do not represent the ability of a seller to complete the transaction or the quality of the items. Therefore, if you feel at all unsure about a transaction, ask the seller to escrow the item and payment. You should negotiate these terms with the seller before the close of an auction. Further, credit card payments may insulate you from fraudulent transactions for items over $50.00, so this may be a preferred payment method.

Complaint Department
If you are having a problem with a seller or you did not receive what was described in the auction. First contact the seller. If you did not getting satisfactory results then you can file a complaint against him/her. The complaint will be investigated and further action will be taken.

Be Courteous To Other Users
A little bit of courtesy goes a long way, especially via email. Simply taking the time to write in complete sentences, with a salutation and closing, can make a big difference in how you are viewed via email. Be sure to treat everyone with the courtesy that you expect to receive.

Grade the seller or buyer. Click the number to the right of the user name - [ Auctionuser (3) ] and make your comments be known in the feedback. This is a good way to keep a check and balance and to help keep our participants in good standing. If a user receive a negative feedback rating of five then their accounts will be cancelled.

Make Note Of Auction Details
Copy the UserID of the seller, the auction number, the item description, and the time, date, and price you bid on the item. That way, you can contact the seller right away to begin completing the transaction if you are the high bidder. If you return to the site of the item right after closing, you will see the official results. The e-mail notice about the end of the auction is not sent until the following morning, so you don’t have to wait if you return to the item’s page.

Contact The Seller
If you are the high bidder in an auction, be sure you take the time to talk on the phone with the seller, especially if you have any discomfort about your email exchanges. Email communication is sometimes awkward, and it may be difficult to judge another person’s personality, honesty, etc., without having an actual conversation person-to-person.

Also, many people do not read their e-mail every day, so you should not assume someone is ignoring you just because you have not heard from them in a while.


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