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We will sell your advertising space! If you have unused advertising space for sale, we will sell it for you We are currently doing this for text links only. These are short descriptive texts that are usually on the left of right side of a web page and link directly to another person's web site.

What we do?

We will try to sell your advertising space for you. You name the price that you want for each link and we will do the work. For example, if you have an empty space on your front page, then that is prime real estate that is going to waste. You can let us sell that space for you. We will sell static text links, that links directly to the advertiser's web site.

These links will be sold on a monthly basis. This means that the link will initially be placed on your web page for one month. However, near the end of the month we will contact the advertiser and request that he maintains the link on there for another month. Of course, this means that you will receive payment for another month for this link. We will do this until you tell us that you don't want to sell that space any longer.

Why should I let you sell my advertising space?

Selling advertising on the Internet is not getting any easier. You can hire a marketing and sales person to do it for you but after you pay that person, your advertising space is not making much money. We will do the same thing as that sales person and you still get the price you want for the advertising space.

How much is my space worth?

That will depend on a lot of factors.

  • Is the advertising space above or below the fold. In other words will a user be able to see it without having to scroll down. We base this on the most popular resolution size of 800 x 600 pixel screen.

  • What is the Google PageRank. The higher the ranking the more you can charge.

  • What industry does the web site focus on? Some industries are worth more than others.

  • How many visitors do you get per month?

    Of course, it's a competitive market so you would be better off asking a competitive price and selling on a regular basis than to ask a high price and only sell a link once in a while or probably not at all. If you are asking $1,000 for one link on a low PR page and you are not receiving many visitors per month, we will try to sell it for you but if we do not receive any bids then you will either need to lower your asking price or find ways to increase PR and visitors.

    Here is the industry standard:

    Page Rank Cost Per Link Per Month
    PR 8
    PR 7
    PR 6
    PR 5
    PR 4
    PR 3
    PR 2


Will you place competitors links or links of a sexual nature on my web site?

Before we start the advertising campaign, you will tell us which specific web sites and/or industries that you do not want advertised on your web site. We will then ensure that this is advertised.

How will I get paid?

We can either pay you by paypal or check on a monthly basis. We will do run the auctions and collect payment from the buyer, we will then send your requested price per link to you.

What happens if you can't sell my space?

Nothing, we will keep trying and if it doesn't sell then we will discuss with you the possibilities of lowering the price or trying to increase your impressions or PageRank. You will never incur any other cost after the initial set up fee.

Will you link to my website?

Yes, there will be a link placed to your website on the auction page so that buyers can see what page their advertising will be placed on. However, we block search engines from reading and indexing any auction pages.

What will I have to do?

You will just need to place the links on the web page.

What's in it for Webmasterbids?

We will add 20% to the cost of the advertising space as commission. This means that if you are looking for $20.00 per month for each link, then we will start the auction of at $24.00 per month. We will give you $20.00 per month, 10% goes to paypal and we get 10%. There is a small set up fee of $5.00. This is a one time fee only.

How much is this going to cost me?

There is a small set up fee of $5.00. This is a one time fee only. After that, there are no usage fees, no hidden fees, nada, nothing.

I'm convinced, where do I sign up?

Fill in this form and we can get started right away.

Hold on, I still have some questions

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