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Welcome to the Affiliate Program!

Join today and start earning money from your website. Simply place a link on your site directing visitors to place a bid or register on

Direct referral:

5% of all deposits plus 1% of all highest bid. For each registered member that you send to us. We will give you 5% of all the deposits that this member makes, plus 1% of the closing bid of which this member is the highest bidder.

2nd Tier:

1% of all deposits. A 2nd Tier is an Affiliate Member that you sent to us from your site, and joined our affiliate program. We will pay you 1% of all deposits that this member sends to us.

Members Sign in Here!

Sellers' Deposits
High bidders closing bid
Direct 5% 1%
2nd Tier 1%  



Both buyers and sellers that registered with being directed from your affiliate link

2nd Tier:

Visitors that you direct to that become affilaites.

Why do I want to join your program?
•It's Free!

-Joining is completely free, and you and your visitors will never be asked to buy anything.

•It's Profitable!

-We will pay you a generous 5% of all deposits made by one of your visitors. Plus we will pay you 1% on your 2nd tier's deposits. Tiers are affiliates that you signed up to our affiliate program. We will also pay you 1% on all closing bids where one of your direct visitors is the highest bidder.

•It's Easy!
-Simply fill out the application form. After we will generate the HTML that needs to be included in your site code for tracking purposes. It's that simple!

•Add Value to Your Site!

•Watch Your Progress, Check your Stats

-You will be able to easily keep an eye on your progress with up-to-date online reports.

- We use cookies to track users, so if you refer someone and they don't sign up immediately but sign up later you will still get credit for it.

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