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Buy and Sell Text Links!

Link popularity to your web site is very important for increasing exposure. A text ad from a web site that is in a similar theme as yours, is an even greater advantage. This is why we provide a service that will allow you to search for a web site that is in a specific industry then decide whether you want to buy a text link.

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Featured Website Advertising Auctions
Title Price Ends
Text Link for sale , PR 7 - Computer & Electronic $ 60.00 09-28-2004 06:42:41 AM
Text Link for sale , PR 2 - Business $ 12.00 09-28-2004 06:43:18 AM
Text Link for sale , PR 4 - Computer & Electronic $ 30.00 09-28-2004 06:43:48 AM
Text Link for sale , PR 4 - Entertainment $ 24.00 09-28-2004 06:44:10 AM
Text Link for sale , PR 5 - Business $ 150.00 09-28-2004 06:44:29 AM

Targeted Advertising Search

Untargeted advertising is wasted money!

To advertise your web site on the internet, it is important to place your ads on another website that has a similar market as yours. For example, if you sell printers then you would want to place advertising on web sites that pertained to computers, electronics and websites that sell printer paper. You would be wasting your money placing an ad on a web site that sold golf products.

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Attention Web Site Owners!
Are you a webmaster and do you have unused advertising space that you would like to sell? Auction it off here at Webmasterbids. If website promotion is your #1 priority then simply select the 'Sell' icon above then select the category that best fits your website and fill in the details about your demographics and target traffic, then start your auction. More info. >>

Search our Ad Directory
This directory lists web sites that have advertising space for sale. Each listing will display the type of advertising they offer (banner ad, button ad, skyscraper, guaranteed traffic, etc...), the CPM and how many impressions the site receives per month.

Webmaster Resource Articles

Avoid Search Engine Blacklisting
The best way to avoid being blacklisted by the search engines is to avoid using some questionable techniques that were once popular to gain high rankings. Even if your website is not blacklisted by using some of the techniques below, it may be penalized (buried in the rankings) so your traffic will suffer all the same.
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Advertising And Marketing, Finally, A Plan
First things first, let's define the two. Advertising is the act of getting your message in front of an audience. There are any number of ways to do this, that's really not the theme of this message. Being able to track a sale backwards to the advertising that produced it, is.
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When trying to achieve higher ranks on search engines, link popularity is a big factor. Basically, it is a measure of how many links are pointing to your website. The more the better and there are many ways to accomplish this.
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Our special offer for the month of September gives you more bang for your buck.

We will give all winning bidders one month of free banner advertising on Webmasterbids. We are currently charging $0.25 per click for our banners, but for all our winners, this will be free.

All banner advertising must abide by our rules and regulations, more info. >>

To take advantage of this special offer just place a bid on any of our auctions and if you win then you will also get to place your banner on Webmasterbids.

Webmasterbids reserves the right to modify or cancel this special promotion at any time.

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